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Generalized Markov modeling of nonreversible molecular kinetics

B. Reuter, K. Fackeldey, M. Weber – 2019

Markov state models are to date the gold standard for modeling molecular kinetics since they enable the identification and analysis of metastable states and related kinetics in a very instructive manner. The state-of-the-art Markov state modeling methods and tools are very well developed for the modeling of reversible processes in closed equilibrium systems. On the contrary, they are largely not well suited to deal with nonreversible or even nonautonomous processes of nonequilibrium systems. Thus, we generalized the common Robust Perron Cluster Cluster Analysis (PCCA+) method to enable straightforward modeling of nonequilibrium systems as well. The resulting Generalized PCCA (G-PCCA) method readily handles equilibrium as well as nonequilibrium data by utilizing real Schur vectors instead of eigenvectors. This is implemented in the G-PCCA algorithm that enables the semiautomatic coarse graining of molecular kinetics. G-PCCA is not limited to the detection of metastable states but also enables the identification and modeling of cyclic processes. This is demonstrated by three typical examples of nonreversible systems.

Generalized Markov modeling of nonreversible molecular kinetics
B. Reuter, K. Fackeldey, M. Weber
J. Chem. Phys. 2019, 150, 174103